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DataStrategy Success Stories

For a chemical startup, InfraTrac, DataStrategy's expertise linked a technology for tagging and tracking counterfeit drugs with a venture fund to create the company. The technology, licensed from the University of Maryland's School of Pharmacy, works like a kind of "wet RFID." Instead of tracking packages, as radio frequency IDs do, InfraTrac tags and tracks the chemical ingredients. and does it in a way that does not require new FDA approval. So companies can detect fakes, track suppliers, even track batches. Currently optimized for powders and pills, it is also capable of tracking liquids.

For an enterprise productivity innovator, Contextware, DataStrategy strategists are providing hands-on technology leadership for a breakthrough software platform that brings the rigor of business process to managing content in context. This powerful convergence has broad impact on key enterprise workplace issues including; improving productivity, employee attrition and retention, compliance, business continuity, increasing value of IT infrastructure, capturing and managing intellectual capital and continuous improvement.

For the venture capital division of a major NY investment firm, DataStrategy experts assessed two companies for potential investment. We raised concerns about one that ultimately led the VC to choose not to invest. DataStrategy staff performed full technology due diligence on the other, including an extensive review of multilingual capabilities, and a term sheet was signed two weeks later.

For a small company, the DataStrategy team defined how its natural language processing (NLP) technology compared with others in the marketplace, and provided key messages for the sales team to help them differentiate the company’s offerings. DataStrategy strategists assessed the value of the company’s intellectual property portfolio, and drafted seven patent applications, at dramatically lower cost and higher quality than could be obtained by having a law firm do the full task.

For Thomson, the major global provider of textbooks, DataStrategy scientists performed on-line course design work, creating new options for the teaching of high school science through innovative use of technology.

For a small company, DataStrategy experts provided product strategy to target an offering in the securities industry.

For a bioinformatics startup, Exergen BioSciences, DataStrategy strategists designed a proof-of-concept offering that illustrates the company’s technology advantages to the marketplace. The DataStrategy team screened technical hires and established quality checks and fail-safe techniques to buttress the company’s leading-edge text understanding technology.

For a biomedical search startup, Corlante, the DataStrategy team performed system testing, proposed key improvements, and crafted an SBIR proposal.

For a technology commercialization firm, Global Works Consulting, DataStrategy staff provided project management services for the initial product development of an LED-based display technology. Key tasks included ensuring that prototype decisions supported long-term objectives (standards, interoperability, new market opportunities).

For a leading intellectual property law firm, Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC (www.oppedahl.com), DataStrategy’s experts provide advanced technology consulting and technical due diligence in search, digital rights management, and content management.

For a content management startup, EZArchive, DataStrategy’s Dr. Flank designed a customized search engine for a personal media management application.


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